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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 1, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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lester omorrow in game two here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert, with he "late edition". >> fun at the beach. whh hurricane earl could chhnge thingssat ocean city, very3 quickly. lead responsibility for the3 security of their country. >> tte president said combat operations in iraq, are over. the key reasons american involvement in the nation will continue. ú% the navy is out in force, in east baltimore. what thousands of see bees were
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>> the magic of milk and how it could make you llss objectionable. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in altimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition".3 >> hello again,,i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. a prime time oval office address tonight to mark the official deadline of u.s. combat operations in iraq, and the >> jennifer davis in washington, d.c. tonight with what it means for the nation and how republicans are reacting. >> the president said that even as u.s. combat operations end in iraq, america's commitment will continue. still he said thattit is ime to turn the pagg. from a combat mission to a diplomatic one. >> operation iraqi freedom is over. >> after more than seven years -f war, president obama formally declares the end of the u.s. combat faze in iraq. he thanked troops for sacrifiie anddservvce and said august 31, 2010 marks a milestone in recent
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-> in this war, is not only in iraq's interest, but it is in our own. the u.s. is paid a huge price t3 put the future of iraq, in the hands of its people. >> the pressdent explained that a u.s. presence of 50,000 troops will remain in iraq for support and counter terrorism tracking. he acknnwledged that he and former president george w. ush agreed about the war from the start ut caaled the predecessor a patriot and spoke by phone. and he entioned the fragile economy, saying resources abroad for years, shortchanged investments at home and contributed tt record deficits. >> urgent task is restore the economm and put the millions of americans that lost jobs back to work. >> republicans are pointing out that the president ann other democrats oppose the war, and tte surge, orderee by former president bbsh. and g.o.p. said that it is that surge allowing president obama tt draw down troops on schedule. >> some leaders, who opppse,
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criticize and fought two toothú aad nail to stop the strategy, now probably claim credit for the results. >> the vice-president is in iraq.3 ú%ficial ceremony mmrking the mission changeover. in washington, jenniier davis, fox news. >> earlier we asked you is it the right time to ppll troops out of iiaa? 88 percent say yes. 12 percent say no. one viewer writes on facebook, we have been at war with iraq military s stretch to do thin.. kelly wriies. %-bring our troops home. >>as combattoperations end in iraq. the situation n afghanistan, is becoming more dangerous for american troops. in the past 72 hours, 9 americans service members haae been killed. most by roadside bombs. while the death toll amounts, jjanpatraeus insiits progress is even if it is tough to see tte evidence offprogress. >> there is othhng easy about this. and, again, it is very, veryú
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understandable that there would be impatients and desire to ee progress righttnow. but the nature of these endeavors is such that the progresssis slow, hard fought. >> the number oo casualties is up. and the afghan government is raising doubts about the u.s. military strattgy. president karzai wants the u.s. to begin hunting down and killinn insurgents based in pakistan that cross the border into afghanistan. >> hurricane earl is already affecting thh surf, in ocean city. >> lifeguards are keeping a close watch on the rip currents. the strong under toe is creating dangerous conditions, many %-to the ocean for a swim.g out instead they are keeping theirú toes close to ssore. >> the water, see the water. >> generally if there re rip currents, shore breaks, we will make rescues. -> additional beach patrols will be out in force this labor day
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weekend. >> rough seas may have claimed3 -ne life, in ocean city. 20-year-old milkky delegate tow disappeared, after lifeguards left for the day. he and his niece dree hearts in the sand and said we love you. ann said no one else should be -et in the wattrs after hours. >> don't let people in the waters after dark. >> hurricane danielle caused a dangerous rip currents last weekend, causing 500 rescues by lifeggards. now aal the coommtion at sea is caused by hurricane earl. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is tracking the storm. and has the latest developments. vytas? >> we have hurricane warnings %-atlantic, down toward the bahamas islands and also on he outer banks of the carolinaa, hurricane watches issued. here is the storm. hurricane satellite here. weecan see, earl, cateeory 4 storm with winds at 132 miles per hour. gusting to 161 mileper hour.
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so very strong, bigger storm. and we are really watching the track of the storm. ú%ack is taking it up. making a right turn. this is a model data showing it make a right turn. we are helping for the right turn thursday evening. because it could potentially go west into the cone of incident or further east. but it will affect parts of the mid-atlantic as we head through the next couple of days here. so we have to watch it closely. in fact, looking attthe mmdel data. possible tracks, most of them are agreeing that thee will stay ouu over the atlantic. couple of them take it closer to the mid-atlantic. one of them takes it over the eastern shore. so we have to watch that closely to see if it occurs. nonetheless, wwtch it closely over the next couple of days. to see how the storm tracks.ú but it is a strong category 4 storm. dangerous ssorm don tend with. -ack to you guys. >> thank you, vytas. >> stay with foo 45 news. we will bring youuthe latest on where hurricane earl is going anddwhen it will pass marylandd in all the newscasts. we will have reports from ocean
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city tarting tomorrow, on fox 44 news at 10:00..3 >> meantime, buuiness, in ocean city, relies heavily on the labor day holiday weekend for the last major boost in sales. along the boardwalk, manyy3 businesses ddpending on the -ummer crowds for revenuu are watching earl's progress closely. they hope the holiday crrwds are not scared away. >> well, we are helpinggfor a lot of people. a lot of business. crowds. a little worriee about the rain. but you know, if people haveú booked their vaaations, hopefully they will continue to come doww. usually sold out on labor day weekend. tonight business owners worry about any possible canccllations. >> developing story in glenú burnie where police are desperately searchinggfor a burglar, that sexually assaulted an 83-year-old woman. the victim's home early yysttrday morning and attacked her. he fled on foot. -ut not before leaving what is
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believed to be the victim's quilt in a neighbor's yard. >> i understand that he pulled it from underneath of her..3 maybe he was afraid there was evidenne on it. >> the victim is back home recovering tonight. police have stepped up patrols in the community. >> a former catholic chool teacher convicced offraping a student back in the 1970s files an appeal. a ffddral judge ruled that johnú merits balker's awyers did not give him a chance to accept a 10 yyar lea agrrement before the case in 1995. and instead, merits balker got life in prison. judge said he should be offered the deal again. but another judge would have to go along with that. the appeal seekssto strike it down. >> lawyers for an accused pedophile in the state of delaware won a -- want a piece pediatrician accused of sexualll assaulting patients. -awyers want evidence seized at his loss wis delawarr office strrcken. clliming it did not cover a
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video of him abusing the patients. >> this morning, in east baltimore, many woke up to the sighh of the u.s. avy at the back door. the mission was something they3 do all over the world. usually in war torn countries. but as joel d. smith shows us right now, their skills are neededdin our own backyard too. >> insects own theeearly morning. but not on thhs day. the navy is here. and the 400 block of north duncan street.3 tteir enemy, neglect. for hours the construction battalion try to clear out the block that used tt have un down homes and still signs of apathy and drug use, everywhere. >> there is a needle. i just kicked it. >> people been using it for dumping. aaong with memmers of the usss3 constitution, they are making progress. and as the clock ticks 8:00,
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miles welcome the hot sun and ballimore civic works team that >> it is impressive. sun is rising. obviouuly normally i would be sttrting, and already cleared we can see tte sidewalk again. >> they re here to help but makk the public more aware of their existence. been deployed over anddover again in the past seven years. as rrbuilding nations becomms a focus for the military n that time,,18 seebe's killed in action and 100 others injured. >> in a way these guys have seen it all.3 help them rebuild and in a way, what is going on in this country n baltimore, is tougher to look at. >> it is disheartening, that we have to come here and do it. just because weewant to see ourselves doing well. it hits home that what other people and other ountries are
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struggling with,,we are struggling with too. %-effort here thougg.iced the and at least, for today, aae willing to step up too. >> can you work? >> joel d. smith, foxx 5 news at 10:00. >> civic works said some of the areas they rehabilittte heep the property values gg up as much as 30 percent. >> till ahead on the "late edition". why drink could improve your chances of urvival.3 >> what drink best fights garlic breath. >> and the race for baltimoreú ccunty ex
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>> the two leading democrats for balttmore county executive trade barbs and say foe to in one ad for keein kamenetz said the oil spill and claims bartenfelder
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>>early voting begins friiay for primary elections. state lead disperse members of the black cauccs urge vote tores state wide there are 44 early voting centers for registered voters. through thursday september 9 with thh exception of unday september 5. >> and just to remind you. tuesday september 7 is the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot for the ppimary. of course stay with fox 45 news, for the latest infoomation on the nnvembee elections. just go to and click on the vote 2010 icon, in the news features section. >> rederick couuty leeders reject a measure to establish an arizona stale law immigration law.3 voting 3-2 to not include the measure to require police to question criminallsuspeets about their immigration status. it would prohibit employers from hiring illegal immigrants ffr
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it is i am more and markets for people. robs people of the american dream because you are not3 welcome here, if you are here illegally.ú%>> the hhspanic advp casa demaryland was not available forrcomment. but on the website, with regard to arizona immigration laws, it said legalized profiling, and a front on all of our civil rights, especially latinos. new studies indicate that eavy drinkers out live nnn-drinkers. the study discovered abstaining froo alcohol increases one's risk oo dying. moderaae drinking, which is about one to three drinks ppr day is associated with the lowest mortality rate, beeieve it or not. factorr like social status and strrss of the abstainers couud explain hy. >> if you love garlic but ot your breath afterwards. drink milk.
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doctors found the sulfuric compounds that give garlic the flavor aad smell were reduccd after drinking it. regular mill worked better than skim. according to scientists. >>well, keeping an eye on hurricane arl, as the temperatures heat up around %-details now in our forecast.ds vytas, what is happening? >> talk about a sttong storm out there..3 hurricane earr, category 4 storm with winds at 132 miles per hour. gusting to 161. and this is something to watch. because the strong category 4 storm. and stays four, through the next couple of days.ú following the track of the storm. takes us up and making a right turn. becomes a thhee by thursday. and thennoff the coast of the mid-atlantic, we have to watch it, he track, closely because, -f course, this could shift west. or more to the east. so there is chance that we ú%ll sse someeeffects of this, as it creates strong rip portion of the mid-atlantic and also we could probably run into problems along into the
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chesapeake bay. as far as small craft aavisories and flooding to watch out for. but nonetheless, watching the storm closely. back at home. relatively quiet conditions. hd skycam shows ccear skies downtown. 77. calm winds, huuidity levels at 66 percent. and 84 degrees downtown bbltimore. inner harbour, 81 in d.c. and 80 in hagerstown.ú %-72 degrees in oakland. so a little cooler air back there. and the western porrion of the state. but this high pressure here has been keeping us dry and clear. that's why we have that sunshine out theee. and that heat coming up ouu of the south. keeping us n the clear side of things. but the front edge of a frontal boundary is sitting up over wisconsin, and illinois. that will be shifting our direction anddthat will be as we get down the road.ssdown as we take a look at the futuue and clear skies tomorrow. wednesday. looking at thursday. clear. front is closer. and then also this reenants, or the effects of earl start to work up the coast line. so we start to see a squeeze play of a cold front.
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and then also some the effects south. so tonight looking at mainly clear skies. temperatures down to 79 degrees. winds out of the northwest at five. sunshine.omorrow, plenty of hot day with westerly wind at five to 10. your five-day forecast. shows 92 on thursday. then we start to see the front that will start to drop the temperatures down. -e could get rain. ú%e how earl tracks, to see how it ffects us. giving us more rrin. chance of seeing ctivity andú winds from that storm. saturday and sunday, much cooler and nicer. looking at lower 80s, with plenty of sunshine. ú% >> the ravens make a trade tt up
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>> ask any ravens' fan what the team's weakest point ii, and they will say corner league. no vehicle secret.ú they took a step to remedy the situation. made a trade with he seahawws. and acquired this guy. cornerback josh wilson.
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in exchange for conditional draat choice in 2011. more he plays higher the choice. he is a three year veteran. six interceptions, returning two for touchdowns. and he has 4.39 speed in the 40. but wilson will arrive omorrow and will not play thursday against the rams. >> under nfl rules, teams had until today to cut the rosters down to 75. and for the ravens, that meant two guys had to go. linebbckerer and matt lawrence recovering from a torn quad and knee injury respectfully placed on research physicaaly unable to perform. missing the first six weeks and will ot count as the 53 man roster. and they are dealing with another injured playee too. roccy defensive lineman terrance cody out after nee surgery, he had it a weak ago ann we became -ware of it today it looks as if he will miss two weeks. the ssason opener has noo been
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ruleddout. >> there is a chance he coulddbe back for the opener against the jets. or with a bigger guy sometimes it takes longer. and the plus is we have depth on the d line right now. so we will have to see how it goes. probably day-to-day closer to the game. >> now tt baseball..3 and the orioles.3 they cannot hit the .500 mark. but they can avoid 100 losses. and they can also have a large say in the divisional race. tonight they tried to derail the red sox, just little more. bootom of the third. adam jones at the plate. two outs, two on. hits ii to scutaro. hesitates to throw to second. scutaro miss fires to outfield. roberts scores from third. luke scott comes around from first. and the o's jump out to the 3-0 lead. now in thh top of the fifth. brian matusz oo the mound. trying to keep the scoreless innnng streak alive. all things end. lawry takes matusz deep leftt %-first run is allowed by oriol3
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pitchers in the last 31 innings, and red sox trail. and top of the seventh. two runners in scorrng position. two strikes, two out. and johnson freezes him to end the inning. jim johnson. out of cold storage. orioles win, stening the win streak, 2-4. >> arrieta faces lester in game two tomorrow. >> here is a look at the fair cast tomorrow. -f you are heading out to the maryland state fair. 94 to 95 degrees. but pl [ host ] it's the fusion proglide challenge. whoo! what's up? not too much. how's your shave? you can feel it pulling... the -- the stubble. see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's introducing the revolutionary new fusion proglide. wow... it's like it's gliding down, you know. [ male announcer ] now, fusion proglide has been engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for less tug and pull. you takin' the glide back? no man, this is mine, you got to get your own.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. for tomorrrw. another hot onn out there. 94 degrees. holding on to sunshine for 92.rsday. and we will start to see the cool front push in. on friday. giving us a little cooler temperature. whicc is better. 87 degrees. ú%t watch the coastlines for earl. potential effects we may see with that depending n the track. keep you posted on that. cooler or the week. saturday, sunday, monday, ppenty of sunshine. temperatures in the lower to mid 80s. ffbulous weekend to get outtand enjoy. back to you. lets hope eel stays east. >> thank you, vytass >> that's all for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeb general. >> and i am jeff barnd. up next, is that 70s show. tune in at 5 a.m. sharp for morning news.
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